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2 min readDec 16, 2021

Advanced Routing power option on google voice

working cell phones, landline figures, and anything. formerly you admit a call, all of your phones rings also you will answer whichever you would like at that point. With the backing of a complicated routing power option from Google voice, you will set your preference to ring certain calls only on certain phones. you will set certain guests to be routed to your voicemail directly.

Webbing power option on Google voice

Once a call has been made you will get a relief set of options. Once you choose the decision and guests still ringing, you will get the names and 4 options

. Answer and record the decision

To tell you who’s looking, google voice uses information in your address book. If you don’t have frequent details on your contact list also google voice will request its name and play it for you once you pick it up.

Voicemail power options on google voice

Google voice systems allow you to concentrate when someone records a call. formerly you plan to devour amid-message also you will simply press a star key and begin talking.

Google voicemail is completely accessible via the earth Wide Web. Voice correspondence is frequently heard online, you will further voice dispatches to other druggies, and bedded in them on other websites. Google voice also offers the power to download textbook reiterations of your voice dispatches and you will also admit them through dispatch or textbooks.